New Ways to Use Solar Energy Surprise You

Everyone knows that solar energy is more convenient.And can be applied to any domain,Yeah, but these solar applications, you'd never think

Mini Solar Oven-Yeah, you don't have to plug it in, you just need the sun to start baking.

A leading foreign technology company unveiled a new mini solar oven on Wednesday.The principle of this oven is to use sunlight to heat food.

GoSun Go Mini Solar Oven

Yeah, before he said junior year was enough for the mini solar oven,Yes, the company has already launched GoSun Sport and GoSun Grill two models of solar ovens.Among them, GoSun Sport pays more attention to barbecue speed.Which is more capacity-oriented,The launch of the Gusanshou model more focus on portable.He will have a food capacity of 400 milliliters,It only takes about 30 minutes to finish the barbecue.


GoSun Sport went on sale in kk CK ter on Wednesday for $279,GoSun Grill is  $799,A compact solar ovenIt can be obtained on the crowdsourcing platform.

Google balloon, using solar balloons to provide network services for disaster areas

Google balloon  is one of the projects of Google Search Labs.High-altitude solar balloons replace terrestrial base stations and provide fast and stable network services for people in designated areas.


The Google balloon is 12 meters high, 15 meters wide, and has a surface area of nearly 600 square meters. It is equipped with a wireless transceiver and is launched into the atmospheric stratosphere 10-20km above the ground without relying on a traditional ground mobile base station. Internet services are available in the region.

Project Loon was first tested in 2012 and officially released in June 2013. At first, it was generally not optimistic. It is considered that relying on balloons to provide the Internet is nothing but night and day. Tests have been carried out in South America and other places.

In March of this year, Google Balloons ushered in the first large-scale application in Peru. At that time, Peru suffered a flood disaster and the ground communication facilities were severely damaged. The local operator temporarily decided to cooperate with the Google Balloon Project that is being tested over Peru to quickly rebuild communications. service.

In October of this year, Google Balloon cooperated with AT & T and T-Mobile to successfully provide LTE Internet services to 100,000 residents in Puerto Rico's disaster-hit area affected by Hurricane Maria.

Google balloon prepares to fly from Nevada to Puerto Rico

It is reported that Google Balloon has been upgraded from a general project in the research laboratory to a separate company, independent from the parent company of Google. Before flying to Puerto Rico, the application file that Google submitted to the government regulatory agency FCC used the name Loon Inc. in Google Balloon, indicating that the project was officially commercialized.

LunaR Solar Smart Watch-"charge" the sun for half an hour, and last two months

An American startup LunaR successfully developed the world's first solar smart watch. This smart watch looks similar to a traditional watch, but uses a hybrid design, combined with Sunpartner's Wysips Reflect technology, covering the dial. Transparent solar panels can absorb energy from solar energy or artificial light sources to provide power for themselves.

According to the R & D team, this hand can store enough power for 60 days of watch operation in half an hour of sun exposure. In addition, LunaR is also equipped with a charger to prevent insufficient power in the absence of a light source.

On the dial of LunaR, there is a full circle of LED lights, which proves that it is absorbing light when it lights up. In addition, LunaR can record the charging time, charging status and power. We can also check the battery level through the Android or iPhone smartphone. When the battery is low, the smartphone will also have a notification reminder.

As a smart watch, LunaR's smart features focus on notification and health tracking for energy. LunaR can synchronize message reminders for text messages, calls, and social media notifications. It is notified by LED lights at 12 o'clock, and each different application can be assigned with different colors of LED lights to indicate; At the same time, LunaR can also be used as a fitness tracker Use, monitor steps, distance, calories, and sleep quality, and generate charts daily, weekly, and monthly.

In addition, LunaR can also be used as an alarm clock, reminding us to get up by means of vibration, and it can automatically judge sunrise and sunset, so that for those who like to sleep naturally wake up, they can wake up at the same time as the sun. What's even more surprising is that LunaR also has water resistance and can be used underwater at 50 meters deep.

LunaR's early bird price on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform is currently $ 99, and the retail price after successful crowdfunding is $ 239.

Skylock Smart Car Lock-Solar charging, unlocking without a key

Skylock is a smart car lock launched by San Francisco startup Velo Labs. It looks similar to a regular U-shaped lock and relies on Bluetooth 4.0 to connect with a mobile phone. It is similar to a keyless unlocking system on a car. Users can use their mobile phones to unlock the car lock through the accompanying application. In addition, users can use the distance detection mode, which will automatically unlock when the user approaches Skylock. If the phone is out of power, users can still unlock it with the combination (graphic) lock on the lock.

Skylock combines solar charging and ultra-low power design to charge the built-in battery. According to Velo Labs, Skylock charges for an hour in the sun and can last a week. It can also be charged manually via a micro-USB interface. Skylock can last 30 days in a completely dark environment when fully charged.

Skylock has features such as intelligent anti-theft, distress assistance, and authorized unlocking. For example, the user can set the “anti-theft sensitivity” of the car lock—when someone ’s intensity of the bicycle ’s action reaches a preset level, the Skylock app will send a notification to the user. Connected to the Wifi network, when someone locks the car with a manual foot, it can send an alert to the user's iPhone; if a car accident is suspected, Skylock will ask the user if he is ok through the iPhone. If the user does not respond, it Emergency calls will be made automatically; users can pair and use the iPhone app with Skylock to authorize others to unlock the right to create and set up their own bike sharing system.

Skylock's initial selling price on the INDIEGOGO crowdfunding platform is $ 159. After the initial period of the market, the price of the product will be adjusted to $ 249.

Puretta multifunctional toothbrush sterilizer-solar powered, kills 99.9% of bacteria

Foreign Puretta Technology Co., Ltd. invented a solar-powered multifunctional toothbrush sterilizer, Puretta, which can kill 99.9% of bacteria through 253.7nm UV rays, making toothbrushes cleaner and safer.

Puretta has a U-shaped design with a silver-coated surface that reflects ultraviolet light, allowing it to reach different corners of the sterilizer to clean and disinfect the toothbrush from all angles. In addition, Puretta has infrared intelligent sensing, which can detect the movement of the body. When the user is within 1 meter from the sterilizer, the sterilizer will delay the sterilization process intelligently.

Advanced solar power technology allows Puretta to charge with any type of light, including indoor lighting, saving money and protecting the environment.

Puretta can be installed either with 3M tape (pre-attached) or easily mounted on any wall surface with open slots for nails or screws. Puretta can hold a total of 4 toothbrushes (common toothbrushes and electric toothbrushes), 3 floss packs, a scraper, a razor and a toothpaste. The product is made of thick ABS plastic for sustainable use.

Puretta is currently crowdfunding on the Kickstarter platform, with the goal of raising $ 100,000 to cover the cost of injection molds and some materials needed for production. Its early bird price is $ 49, and the Kickstarter crowdfunding price is $ 59.


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