Interesting invention of solar energy

Speaking of environmental protection and renewable energy, the most discussion should be solar energy. The availability of sunlight and energy content make solar energy a part of people's lives. In addition to the solar panels that people see in their daily lives, its development in other aspects may also exceed your cognition.

Solar heart rate regulator

What to do if the mobile phone or tablet is out of power? It's a big deal to power on, but if the electronic medical devices such as heart rate regulators are out of power, the consequences will be more serious. However, the latest research has invented a new technology that implants solar cells into human skin to charge medical equipment in the body, and the replacement of the heart rate regulator battery in the future does not have to be so troublesome.

Interesting invention of solar energy

This research team in Switzerland has developed a solar measurement device that can be worn on the arm. The device is equipped with a solar cell with a size of 3.6 square centimeters, which is small enough to be implanted in the body and also measures the power output of the solar cell. On the solar cell, a filter is placed to simulate the characteristics of the skin and its effect on the light source. At any time of the year, even if the solar cell returned by the experimenter produces the lowest power, on average, it can generate 12 microwatts of electricity, which is more than the 5 to 10 microwatts required by ordinary heart rate regulators. Be tall.

Solar paint

Hydrogen is one of the cleanest energy sources. After burning, only water is produced without other harmful by-products. Solar paints invented by Australian researchers use renewable solar energy to convert water vapor in the air into hydrogen fuel. Its uniqueness comes from two key components: molybdenum sulfide and titanium oxide. The former is responsible for absorbing water and catalyzing water decomposition, while the latter is responsible for absorbing solar energy and providing the energy required for water decomposition. This solar paint has many advantages, such as the fact that the system itself can absorb moisture from the air without the need for artificial addition of fresh or distilled water.

Interesting invention of solar energy

Interesting invention of solar energy:Waiting for you to sit on the sofa!


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