how do solar panels work

Solar panels and how they work

Solar cells are divided into monocrystalline silicon cells(With a service life of 20 years and a photoelectric conversion efficiency of 15%.)Amorphous silicon solar cell(And the photoelectric conversion efficiency is 10%,Low cost.Light Weight,Application Convenience)

Principle of solar power generation:

Solar energy is not transported by vehicles like coal and oil,Instead, it applies optical principles,Direct transmission by reflection and refraction of light,Or convert solar energy into other forms of energy for indirect transmission,Direct transmission for shorter distances,Basically, there are three ways,species 1:A combination of optical elements by mirrors and other optical elements。Change the direction of the sun's rays。Can reach the low point again。Through the optical fiber.That can transmit sunlight incident on one end to the other end。And the guide fiber can be bent at will during transmission。A light pipe coated with a highly reflective coatingSunlight can be channeled into the room by reflection.Indirectly imparted at various distances。

The photoelectric effect of solar energy conversion refers to the process of solar radiation energy photons through semiconductor materials into electrical energy., often called the photovoltaic effect。Solar cells are made using this effect.

When the sun shines on the semiconductor,And some of it is reflected off the surfaceThe rest is absorbed by the semiconductor.Absorbed LightOf course, some of them become hot,rons that make up semiconductors,Thereby generating an electron-hole pair,Light is converted into electrical energy in the form of electron-hole pairs.If there is ng of p in that semiconductor,A barrier electric field is formed on both sides of the a type interface.Which can drive electrons to the n-regionVoid region to p region,So that there is a surplus of electrons in the a region,And the p region has an excess of holes,An electric field is formed near the p bar and the direction of the electric field is opposite to that of the bud,Partial cancellation of a photoelectric field,Or must it be positively charged?,N-type layer is negatively charged,The thin layer between the n-region and the p-region generates a so-called photovoltaic electromotive force,If metal lead are bonded to that p-type lay and the n-type layer in the p-type region, respectivelyPut on the load,There is a current in the external circuit.Thus forming a battery element,Connect them in series and in parallel,Can produce a certain voltage and current.Output Power



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